A Rumor of War

A Rumor of War


Philip Caputo

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Ron Yates Character Analysis

Caputo’s colleague from the Chicago Tribune who is the newspaper’s regular correspondent in the Far East in 1975. Yates goes with Caputo to the UPI offices in Saigon, where they find as much confusion there as elsewhere in the city, due to an impending invasion from the North Vietnamese Army. Caputo later offers to assist Yates in covering the North Vietnamese offense.
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Ron Yates Character Timeline in A Rumor of War

The timeline below shows where the character Ron Yates appears in A Rumor of War. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Heroism and Identity Theme Icon
Danger and Uncertainty Theme Icon
War and Disillusionment Theme Icon
...North Vietnamese Army has finally invaded Saigon. He and his colleague from the Chicago Tribune, Ron Yates , jog over to the UPI offices. The office is in chaos but the final... (full context)