A Rumor of War

A Rumor of War


Philip Caputo

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MLR Term Analysis

Main line of resistance.
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MLR Term Timeline in A Rumor of War

The timeline below shows where the term MLR appears in A Rumor of War. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter Three
Heroism and Identity Theme Icon
Danger and Uncertainty Theme Icon
...an asphalt road” leading into Da Nang and “on the right with A Company.” The MLR is opposite the dirt road and in front of them. The MLR is manned by... (full context)
Chapter Four
Heroism and Identity Theme Icon
Danger and Uncertainty Theme Icon
...involved in the small-unit security patrols that the marines run through the villages beyond the MLR, but these really only offer fresh air and exercise. For fun, they go to Da... (full context)
Chapter Eleven
The Morality of War Theme Icon
Danger and Uncertainty Theme Icon
...Nang off limits to reduce drunkenness among soldiers, and orders the construction of a proper MLR, “with strongpoints, forward outposts, and preregistered artillery concentrations.” (full context)
Chapter Thirteen
War and Disillusionment Theme Icon
...VC are expected to launch a monsoon offensive, which they do every year. The new MLR is supposed to stop them from overrunning the airfield. The marines start to construct a... (full context)
Chapter Fourteen
Heroism and Identity Theme Icon
Loyalty and Camaraderie Theme Icon
...on the defensive, trying to prevent another VC attack on the airfield by holding the MLR. Mines and booby traps account for all of the company’s casualties. Caputo tries to keep... (full context)