Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray


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Between Shades of Gray: Chapter 49 Summary & Analysis

Elena asks Andrius to stay with Lina and Jonas. Andrius looks mad, and Lina tries to apologize for her previous accusations. Andrius does not accept her apology. In the awkward silence, Lina sketches and thinks of how she misses her books from home. In a flashback, Lina recalls receiving books of Munch’s art from Oslo. She also receives a letter from Joana, who notes that her parents argue and seem distressed. Things have changed since the annexation. Joana asks Lina to draw her a picture of their summer vacation to bring her much-needed joy.
Lina tries to ask Andrius for forgiveness, but he is understandably still very upset at her accusations. His silence makes Lina miss Joana, her best friend and cousin, even more. She wishes she could write to her and tell her everything. Her life now is worlds away from art books featuring Munch and summer vacations on the beach.
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Back in the shack, Andrius suddenly asks Lina to look at her drawings. He flips through them and sees a picture Lina drew of him. He seems to enjoy it, and jokes about the perspective—as Lina is shorter than him, she drew him from below. Elena returns and thanks Andrius for staying. Neither Elena nor Lina can sleep for worry about Jonas’ condition.
Andrius, like everyone else who has seen Lina’s artwork, is shocked at her talent. In this moment, he seems to begin to accept her apology by joking about the drawing. He is clearly flattered that she has noticed him enough to take the time to draw his portrait.
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