Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray


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Between Shades of Gray: Chapter 61 Summary & Analysis

Andrius comes to the shack and speaks to Elena privately, and then asks to speak to Lina. They take a walk together, and discuss the impending relocation. Andrius tells Lina that he figured out the word in Lina’s file: her father is being charged with “accessory,” for helping people who were in danger. Lina tells Andrius she is scared, and how much she misses her father. They admit they don’t want to leave each other. Lina gives Andrius her secret drawings and asks him to keep them safe. He urges her to keep drawing. They kiss, and Andrius asks Lina if she has learned what “krasivaya” means yet. He says he will come see Jonas in the morning, and then he leaves with the drawings.
Lina is scared that she is once again being sent into the unknown, and this fear is further compounded by the fact that she will now have to leave Andrius, for whom her feelings have only just begun to blossom. Andrius, too, admits that he is scared for Lina to leave—while she is going into the unknown, he is being left behind. Andrius is showing a great kindness by hiding Lina’s illicit drawings, further evidence for his feelings for her and for his belief that they will be together again some day.
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