Don Quixote

Don Quixote


Miguel de Cervantes

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In this novel, inns are halfway points between civilization and the wilderness. They are places where travellers can take refuge from the dangers and weathers of the open road, places of sleep, nourishment, and… read analysis of Inns


Quixote first becomes fixated on the idea of enchantment at the suggestion of the priest and the barber, who blame enchanters for the destruction of Quixote’s library. From them on, enchanters become for Quixote… read analysis of Enchanters


Food is the thing that Sancho loves and Quixote ignores, it is Sancho’s roundness and Quixote’s skinniness, the embarrassingly simple foundation for Sancho’s realism and Quixote’s idealism. Food is the subject of one of Quixote’s… read analysis of Food