Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Manto Character Analysis

Manto is a healer and seer who lives in a temple at the base of Mount Olympus, home to the Greek gods. She approves of Faust’s desire for ideal beauty as personified by Helen of Troy, and agrees to escort Faust into Hades, the Greek underworld, so that he can restore Helen to life.
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Manto Character Timeline in Faust

The timeline below shows where the character Manto appears in Faust. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2: Act 2: The Pharsalian Fields
Reason and Passion Theme Icon
The Human Desire for Meaning and Transcendence Theme Icon
Pleasure and Love Theme Icon
Parts, Wholes, and Limits Theme Icon
...the spirit world his behavior looks like madness. The centaur offers to take him to Manto, a healer. Faust says he doesn’t want to be healed, but it is too late,... (full context)
The Human Desire for Meaning and Transcendence Theme Icon
Chiron introduces Manto to the crazed Faust. Manto says she loves this man who wants what cannot be.... (full context)
Part 2: Act 3: Before Menelaus’ Palace at Sparta
Pleasure and Love Theme Icon
In the Underworld, Faust and Manto were granted their request that Helen be released from her ghostly afterlife to live again... (full context)