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Menelaus is a Greek chieftain and Helen’s husband, who, in Homer’s Iliad, successfully leads the Greeks to war against the Trojans after Paris kidnaps his wife. In Faust, Menelaus leads an army against Faust’s fortress after the magician draws the beautiful Helen there and declares his love for her, but Faust’s army of barbarians swiftly repels Menelaus’s forces.
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Menelaus Character Timeline in Faust

The timeline below shows where the character Menelaus appears in Faust. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Part 2: Act 3: Before Menelaus’ Palace at Sparta
Pleasure and Love Theme Icon
...War. Helen and captive Trojan women have just returned to the palace of Helen’s husband, Menelaus. Helen does not know why he has summoned her: is it to reign as queen... (full context)
Reason and Passion Theme Icon
...maliciously reminding Helen of all the lovers she’s had in her life, Phorkyas-Mephistopheles insinuates that Menelaus intends to evilly murder his wife with an axe and hang all of the captive... (full context)
Part 2: Act 3: Inner Courtyard of a Castle
Reason and Passion Theme Icon
The Human Desire for Meaning and Transcendence Theme Icon
Pleasure and Love Theme Icon
Parts, Wholes, and Limits Theme Icon
Politics Theme Icon
Phorkyas-Mephistopheles enters and announces that Menelaus with his legions is approaching Faust’s castle to attack. Faust hurls abuses at the devil... (full context)