First They Killed My Father


Loung Ung

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Davi Character Analysis

The beautiful teenage daughter of Loung’s neighbors in the village of Ro Leap. Despite her parents’ efforts to hide her beauty, the soldiers take notice of Davi and force her to leave her home one evening. She returns the next morning covered in bruises and refusing to meet her parents’ gaze. No one ever asks what happened to her, and many villagers avoid speaking to her. Loung notices that Davi’s fate reflects that of many girls in the village who are raped by the Khmer Rouge soldiers.
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Davi Character Timeline in First They Killed My Father

The timeline below shows where the character Davi appears in First They Killed My Father. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10: Ro Labor Camps, January 1976
Genocide, Racism, and Propaganda Theme Icon
Women’s Treatment in Times of War Theme Icon
...Laine’s parents meanwhile want to protect her from being raped by soldiers. This happened to Davi, the pretty teen daughter of Loung’s neighbors who was taken by soldiers one night. She... (full context)