Indian Horse


Richard Wagamese

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Indian Horse: Chapter 26 Summary & Analysis

In the coming weeks, Saul familiarizes himself with the rituals of playing hockey for the Moose. He and the other players pile into Virgil’s van and drive to other towns. In every one of these towns, to Saul’s delight, the Moose are welcomed like family. Their hosts give them a place to sleep and serve them delicious food.
Saul enjoys playing in the tournament league, because it seems to be like a new family for him. His talent as an athlete earns him the respect not only of his team, but of strangers in other towns.
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Saul’s hockey games with the Moose are challenging, but also exhilarating. He and his teammates play for incredibly loyal fans, and every point they score feels like a major victory. The games are intense, but they always end civilly, with both sides shaking hands. Saul’s presence is often greeted with laughter since he’s so much smaller than the other boys. But his teammates know how talented he is, and call him their “secret weapon.”
Saul’s teammates no longer make fun of him for his size—they recognize just how talented he is, and brag about his abilities to their opponents.
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