Indian Horse


Richard Wagamese

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Indian Horse: Chapter 33 Summary & Analysis

The chapter begins after the tournament is over. Saul and the Moose have won the tournament, despite the bullying of the crowd. They’ve won an astounding victory, one that they’ll always remember, and which sports journalists later write about in the Canadian papers.
Wagamese doesn’t describe the games Saul plays immediately following the events of the last chapter. Instead, he cuts ahead to after the tournament.
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The Moose team gets so much press from its victory in the tournament that a sports scout named Jack Lanahan shows up at Saul’s practices, claiming that he wants to recruit Saul for professional play in the NHL.
The passage is a reminder of how far Saul has come. Instead of allowing prejudice to steal away his confidence, Saul has been able to use the racism of his opponents as a motivating force to become a better player, and he ends up getting recruited for the NHL.
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