Indian Horse


Richard Wagamese

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Indian Horse: Chapter 55 Summary & Analysis

After practice, Saul and Virgil sit on the bleachers and talk. Saul isn’t sure where to begin, but Virgil interjects: “You’re one of those kids … one of the ones the schools fucked up.” Saul admits that he didn’t know this about himself until last year. He proceeds to tell Virgil about Father Leboutilier, his family, and his early life with his family. Virgil asks Saul if he’s ever wanted to track Father Leboutilier down. Saul shakes his head. If he went on seeking revenge, he’d be at it his entire life. Instead, he has come to accept that it is enough to “take care of” himself without worrying about others.
Virgil has always sensed that Saul was abused, or at least damaged in some way during his time at St. Jerome’s. Saul’s reply to Virgil conveys Saul’s maturity: while it might be satisfying to try to punish Leboutilier for what he did, doing so would only make Saul angrier and more troubled. Just as Saul refused to fight back during his early hockey games, he now refuses to seek revenge on his abuser.
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Virgil tells Saul that he should come back to town and get a job. He adds that Saul could still play hockey for the community’s team, who regard Saul as something of a legend. There’s a hockey game that night, and Virgil suggests that Saul stop by and play.
Virgil welcomes Saul back into the community eagerly, but whether or not Saul will accept the offer or not remains to be seen.
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