Little Women

Little Women


Louisa May Alcott

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Josephine "Jo" March

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. March, sister of Meg, Beth, and Amy, and (eventually) Professor Bhaer’s wife. She is also the first love of handsome, impetuous Laurie. Jo is… (read full character analysis)

Margaret "Meg" March

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. March, sister of Jo, Beth, and Amy, and (eventually) Mr. Brooke’s wife. Meg is considered the beauty of the March clan – she is gentle… (read full character analysis)

Elizabeth "Beth" March

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. March, and sister of Jo, Meg, and Amy. Beth is sickly, shy, and utterly pious. Too anxious to attend school and too humble to attempt work… (read full character analysis)

Amy Curtis March

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. March, sister of Jo, Meg, and Beth, and (eventually) Laurie’s wife. Amy is a “snow maiden” – pale, blonde, and blue-eyed – and she seems… (read full character analysis)

Theodore "Laurie" Laurence

Grandson of Mr. Laurence and (eventually) Amy’s husband. Laurie is the rich and handsome neighbor boy who befriends the March girls early on in the book. Orphaned at a young age, Laurie has been… (read full character analysis)
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Margaret "Marmee" March

Mother of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, and wife of Mr. March. Mrs. March runs the household in the first half of the book, when Mr. March is away at… (read full character analysis)

Robert March

Father of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, and husband of Mrs. March. Mr. March is a minister. In Part I, Mr. March has volunteered to serve in the Civil War… (read full character analysis)
Minor Characters
Hannah Mullet
The Marches’ black servant. The family feels that Hannah is a member of the family.
Aunt Josephine March
Mr. March’s aunt. Aunt March is crabby old woman who serves as a constant source of consternation for the March girls. She has a good deal of money, presumably left to her after her husband’s death.
James Laurence
Laurie’s grandfather. Mr. Laurence is an educated, benevolent old man with a peppery disposition. He acts as the de facto guardian of the women of the March family while Mr. March is away. He never liked Laurie’s mother.
John Brooke
Laurie’s tutor, Mr. Laurence’s employee, and (eventually) Meg’s husband.
Margaret “Daisy” Brooke
Daughter of Meg and Mr. Brooke, and Demi’s sister.
John “Demijohn” “Demi” Brooke
Son of Meg and Mr. Brooke, and Daisy’s brother.
Professor Friedrich "Fritz" Bhaer
Jo’s friend and, eventually, husband. A German professor whom Jo meets while she temporarily works as a governess for Mrs. Kirke in New York City.
Rob Bhaer
Son of Jo and Professor Bhaer.
Teddy Bhaer
Son of Jo and Professor Bhaer.
Fred Vaughn
Brother to Kate, Grace, and Frank. A rich young Englishman who courts Amy.
The Hummels
An impoverished German family.
Sallie Gardiner (Moffat)
Meg’s friend and (eventually) Ned’s wife.
Ned Moffat
Annie’s brother, Sallie’s husband, and Meg’s sometime suitor.
Annie Moffat
Ned’s sister and Meg’s friend.
The Kings
The family that employs Meg as a governess.
Mrs. Kirke
A friend of the March family who employs Jo as a governess in New York City.
Mr. Davis
Amy’s teacher.
Mrs. Crocker
A gossip acquainted with the March family.
Grace Vaughn
Sister of Kate, Fred, and Frank. An English girl.
Kate Vaughn
Sister of Grace, Fred, and Frank. An English girl.
Frank Vaughn
Brother of Kate, Fred, and Grace. An English boy.
Aunt March’s French maid.
May Chester
Mrs. Chester’s daughter, and Amy’s friend. The Chesters are a well-to-do family.
Mrs. Chester
May’s mother. The Chesters are a well-to-do family.
Aunt Carrol
Flo’s mother. A distant relative of the March family who takes Amy abroad on a trip to Europe.
Flo Carrol
Aunt Carrol’s daughter and Amy’s friend.
Kittie and Minnie
Mrs. Kirke’s daughters, and Jo’s charges during her time as a governess.
Mr. Tudor
An aristocratic man whom Amy talks with at a party at the Lambs' house.
Major Lincoln
A friend of the Moffats who compliments Meg for being “the fresh little girl with the beautiful eyes.”
Jenny Snow
A girl who is Amy's "enemy" at school.
Mr. Davis
Amy's teacher, who beats the back of her hand as punishment for breaking one of his rules in school.
Mrs. Crocker
An old, gossipy neighbor of the Marches.