Little Women

Little Women


Louisa May Alcott

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“Having no ornaments fine enough for this important occasion,” Alcott writes, “Amy looped her fleecy skirts with rosy clusters of azalea, and framed the white shoulders in delicate green vines.” Because the March… read analysis of Flowers


Birds in their little nests agree,” sings Beth in the opening chapter of Little Women. Although birds are sometimes used to refer to her sisters (Meg lives in the Dovecote; Jo is… read analysis of Birds

The Turquoise Ring

When Amy goes to live with Aunt March during Beth’s bout of scarlet fever, it is revealed that Aunt March plans to give her a turquoise ring as a reward for her “good behavior and… read analysis of The Turquoise Ring


When Jo and Professor Bhaer become engaged in a rainstorm, it’s revealed that Jo is overjoyed “to walk through life beside him, even though she had no better shelter than the old umbrella, if… read analysis of Umbrellas