Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children


Salman Rushdie

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Dr. Narlikar’s Women Character Analysis

The female heirs to Dr. Narlikar’s fortune. After Narlikar’s death, the women move into his apartment and take over his businesses, and begin buying up all of Methwold’s Estate. The women intend to demolish the estate and erect a large skyscraper, the evidence of India’s progress as a modern country.
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Dr. Narlikar’s Women Character Timeline in Midnight’s Children

The timeline below shows where the character Dr. Narlikar’s Women appears in Midnight’s Children. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 2: Commander Sabarmati’s Baton
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...and dies, and suddenly Saleem’s family is all alone with an aging Dr. Schaapsteker and Dr. Narlikar’s women , who buy up all the other Villas and apartments. The women want to raze... (full context)
Book 2: Revelations
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
As Saleem continues his story for a rapt Padma, Narlikar’s women have begun to demolish Methwold’s Estate, and a massive cloud of dust settles over Buckingham... (full context)
Book 2: Drainage and the Desert
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...has been answering his phone, fetching his drinks, and enduring his never-ending verbal abuse. The Narlikar women are still trying to persuade Ahmed to sell them Buckingham Villa, and they call him... (full context)
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
Fragments and Partitioning Theme Icon
...Amina finally convinces Ahmed to move to Pakistan, and after finally selling Buckingham Villa to Narlikar’s women , they all board the SS Sabarmati and arrive in Karachi. (full context)
Book 3: Abracadabra
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...the owner of Bragaza Pickles. She lives in the pink obelisk, which is owned by Narlikar’s women , with her sister Alice, who also convinced the women to invest in her sister’s... (full context)