Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children


Salman Rushdie

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Homi Catrack Character Analysis

A movie executive, racetrack owner, and a fellow resident of Methwold’s Estate. Homi is a widower who lives with his mentally ill daughter, Toxy, and he frequently has affairs with married women, including Pia Aziz and Lila Sabarmati. Saleem exposes Homi’s affair with Lila to her husband, Commander Sabarmati, after Homi has an affair with his aunt and breaks her heart. Homi is ultimately murdered by Commander Sabarmati.

Homi Catrack Quotes in Midnight’s Children

The Midnight’s Children quotes below are all either spoken by Homi Catrack or refer to Homi Catrack. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Truth and Storytelling Theme Icon
). Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Penguin edition of Midnight’s Children published in 1980.
Book 2: Commander Sabarmati’s Baton Quotes

“Loose woman,” the demon within me whispered silently, “Perpetrator of the worst of maternal perfidies! We shall turn you into an awful example; through you we shall demonstrate the fate which awaits the lascivious. O unobservant adulteress! Did you see what sleeping around did to the illustrious Baroness Simki von der Heiden?—who was, not to put too fine a point upon it, a bitch, just like yourself.”

Related Characters: Saleem Sinai (speaker), Homi Catrack, Lila Sabarmati
Page Number: 296
Explanation and Analysis:
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Homi Catrack Character Timeline in Midnight’s Children

The timeline below shows where the character Homi Catrack appears in Midnight’s Children. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Book 2: The Fisherman’s Pointing Finger
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
...lawyer. Lila Sabarmati (who lives in a flat) is continually unfaithful to her husband, and Homi Catrack, film-magnate and race-track owner, lives with his daughter, Toxy, an inbred “half-wit,” in Versailles... (full context)
Book 2: The Kolynos Kid
British Colonialism and Postcolonialism Theme Icon
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
...are often depressing, and he fails to sell a single one. Despite his failures, however, Homi Catrack continues to pay Hanif a studio salary, and he is feverishly writing a script... (full context)
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...for others in the film industry and they frequently host parties. During one such party, Homi secretly slips Saleem a folded note and asks him to give it to his aunt.... (full context)
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
Identity and Nationality Theme Icon
...She returns later, obviously upset, and Saleem enters her thoughts to spy. He learns that Homi Catrack, after years of a secret affair, has suddenly lost interest in her. Saleem attempts... (full context)
Book 2: Commander Sabarmati’s Baton
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
Saleem takes Mr. Schaapsteker’s advice. When he discovers that Homi Catrack is having an affair with Lila Sabarmati, he decides to strike, fueled by his... (full context)
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...As Lila opens the door, he shoots her twice in the stomach before moving to Homi, whom he murders with three shots; one to the genitals, one to the heart, and... (full context)
Book 2: Revelations
Sex and Gender Theme Icon
...Buckingham Villa. Pia calls and informs Amina that Hanif, distraught over losing his income with Homi Catrack’s death, has committed suicide by jumping off his apartment building. (full context)