North and South

North and South


Elizabeth Gaskell

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George Leonards Character Analysis

Leonards is a former shipmate of Frederick Hale’s, known to be a scoundrel. When Frederick is trying to leave Milton undetected, Leonards happens to be in town and identifies him at the train station. Frederick somehow pushes Leonards off the train platform, and Leonards dies from the combined effects of the fall and a previous internal complaint. Margaret is nearly implicated in the affair, but Thornton, the magistrate who took Leonards’ deposition, calls off the inquest to protect her.
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George Leonards Character Timeline in North and South

The timeline below shows where the character George Leonards appears in North and South. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 31
Female Agency and Strength Theme Icon
...doesn’t think it’s safe for Frederick to stay any longer. She saw a man named Leonards in town, a scamp of a young man who’d been acquainted with Frederick at sea.... (full context)
Chapter 32
Female Agency and Strength Theme Icon
Personal Character, Environment, and Change Theme Icon
...collar, identifying him as Hale. Somehow, by “some sleight of wrestling,” Frederick trips the man—presumably Leonards—and the man falls a short distance off the platform. Margaret then rushes Frederick onto the... (full context)
Chapter 34
Female Agency and Strength Theme Icon
...inspector comes and asks to speak to Margaret. The inspector tells Margaret that a man (Leonards) has died as a consequence of a fall at the train station the week before.... (full context)
Chapter 46
Female Agency and Strength Theme Icon
...Bell that she’s told a lie. Margaret spills out the whole story of Frederick and Leonards at the train station, and her subsequent lie to the police inspector. She explains that... (full context)