Private Peaceful


Michael Morpurgo

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Farmer Cox Character Analysis

The owner of the farm where Charlie and Tommo briefly work, which is just outside of the boys’ village. Working at the farm brings Tommo and Charlie closer together, and it is when they are working this job that Charlie starts to see Tommo as being more of an equal than a little brother. Farmer Cox likes to drink, sing, and play skittles.
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Farmer Cox Character Timeline in Private Peaceful

The timeline below shows where the character Farmer Cox appears in Private Peaceful. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 5: Twenty-Four Minutes Past Twelve
Cruelty and Power Theme Icon
Charlie eventually finds a new job at Farmer Cox ’s farm, which is just past the village. The teenage Tommo interjects that Charlie should... (full context)
Courage Theme Icon
Soon, Tommo leaves school, and his mother arranges for him to go and work on Farmer Cox ’s farm with Charlie. Tommo is much happier; he gets to see more of Charlie,... (full context)