Private Peaceful


Michael Morpurgo

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Lieutenant Buckland Character Analysis

The second commander of Tommo’s company during the war. Buckland provides another stark contrast to Sergeant Hanley. He is mild-mannered, but respectful of his soldiers.At first, the soldiers think he seems young and inept, because he has arrived straight from England and is thus inexperienced. As soon as battle arrives, however, Buckland proves his bravery and integrity, winning respect from his men. He loyally stays with Tommo when Tommo is injured, trying to support him back to the home trenches. Buckland is fatally wounded in the process and dies by Tommo’s side.
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Lieutenant Buckland Character Timeline in Private Peaceful

The timeline below shows where the character Lieutenant Buckland appears in Private Peaceful. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 10: Twenty-Five Past Three
The Injustice of War Theme Icon
Their new company commander is a man named Lieutenant Buckland . He is straight from England and seems young and inexperienced as a result, and... (full context)
The Injustice of War Theme Icon
Courage Theme Icon
Grief, Guilt, and Family Theme Icon
...they are completely surrounded by German guns and shells. Men start to turn back, and Lieutenant Buckland grabs Tommo and shouts at him to retreat. Tommo finds that he can barely move... (full context)