The Catcher in the Rye


J. D. Salinger

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The Catcher in the Rye Characters

Holden Caulfield

The novel's narrator and protagonist, Holden is a high school junior who has flunked out of prep school several times. He is from New York City, where his younger sister, Phoebe, still lives with… read analysis of Holden Caulfield

Phoebe Caulfield

Phoebe is Holden's younger sister. Though only 10 years old, she is considerably more mature than Holden, though Holden actually covets her because of her youthful innocence. She is a voice of reason throughout… read analysis of Phoebe Caulfield

Mr. Antolini

Holden's former English teacher from Elkton Hills, Holden’s old school. Mr. Antolini is now an instructor at New York University. Mr. Antolini is one of the few adults Holden respects, and one of the… read analysis of Mr. Antolini

Jane Gallagher

Jane is a girl Holden met while summering in Maine two years before the events of The Catcher in the Rye. A kind young woman, Jane goes to a different private school than Holden… read analysis of Jane Gallagher

Ward Stradlater

Stradlater is Holden’s roommate at Pencey Prep. A popular and good-looking young man, Stradlater is confident but kind. Although Holden recognizes that his roommate is rather conceited, he also knows that Stradlater is the… read analysis of Ward Stradlater
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Robert Ackley

Ackley is a student who lives in the adjoining room to Holden and Stradlater’s room at Pencey Prep. A peculiar and rather annoying young man, Ackley has terrible personal hygiene, bad skin, and unclean… read analysis of Robert Ackley

Sally Hayes

Sally Hayes is a beautiful young woman whom Holden has dated in the past. Like Holden, Sally goes to a private school, but her school lets out for winter break earlier than Pencey, which is… read analysis of Sally Hayes

Allie Caulfield

Allie is Holden’s deceased younger brother. Allie died of leukemia when Holden was 13, and the memory of this loss still haunts Holden, who remembers his brother as intelligent, calm, and friendly—in short, the… read analysis of Allie Caulfield

D.B. Caulfield

D.B. is Holden’s older brother. A former army soldier who fought in World War II, D.B. is an author best known for his short stories, which Holden deeply admires. However, D.B. has recently started… read analysis of D.B. Caulfield

Mr. Spencer

Mr. Spencer is Holden’s elderly history teacher a Pencey Prep. When he hears that Holden has flunked out of school, Spencer invites him to his house and tries to motivate him to “play by… read analysis of Mr. Spencer

James Castle

James Castle is a student Holden knew when he was still attending Elkton Hills. Holden has an odd respect for Castle because Castle committed suicide by jumping out of his window after refusing to submit… read analysis of James Castle

Faith Cavendish

Faith is a former burlesque stripper, and somebody whom Holden only knows through word of mouth. Having heard that Faith is sexually promiscuous, he calls her late at night when he arrives in New York… read analysis of Faith Cavendish

Carl Luce

Three years older than Holden, Luce was Holden’s student mentor at the Whooton School. During this time, he often regaled Holden and other students with stories about sex. Holden still remembers the way Luce… read analysis of Carl Luce


The elevator operator at the hotel where Holden stays on his first night in New York, who turns out to be a pimp—Maurice offers to send a prostitute to Holden’s room for $5. Hesitant at… read analysis of Maurice


Sunny is a teenage prostitute who visits Holden’s room at the Edmont Hotel. Although Holden told Maurice—Sunny’s pimp—that he wanted a prostitute, he loses his nerve when Sunny actually arrives. For this reason… read analysis of Sunny


Horowitz is a taxi driver who takes Holden from the Edmont Hotel to Ernie’s piano bar. On the way, Holden asks him where the ducks in the Central Park lagoon go during the wintertime… read analysis of Horwitz

Bernice Krebs

Bernice is a young woman Holden meets in the Lavender Room, the nightclub inside the Edmont Hotel. Bernice is there with two friends and is uninterested in Holden, though she agrees to dance with him… read analysis of Bernice Krebs

Ernest’s Mother (Mrs. Morrow)

Ernest Morrow’s mother is an attractive middle-aged woman whom Holden meets on the train to New York after leaving Pencey Prep. Mrs. Morrow instantly recognizes the Pencey seal on Holden’s suitcases, so Holden gives her… read analysis of Ernest’s Mother (Mrs. Morrow)


Ernie is a talented piano player who has his own bar in New York City. Holden has been to this bar with D.B. in the past, so he decides to visit once more when he… read analysis of Ernie
Minor Characters
Lillian Simmons
Lillian Simmons is a young woman who used to date Holden’s brother, D.B. Holden runs into her at Ernie’s piano bar but makes up an excuse so that he doesn’t have to sit with her and her date, since he thinks she’s an insufferable “phony.”
Dr. Thurmer
The headmaster of Pencey Prep, Dr. Thurmer tells Holden that life is a game with rules that everyone must follow. Holden repeats this to Mr. Spencer, who agrees with the advice and launches into a lecture, much to Holden’s dismay.
Ernest Morrow
Ernest Morrow is a boy Holden considers to be the “biggest bastard” at Pencey, though this doesn’t stop him from speaking very fondly about him when trying to flirt with Ernest’s mother, whom he meets on the train to New York.
Mal Brossard
Mal Brossard is one of Holden’s friends at Pencey Prep. On Holden’s last night at the school, Mal goes with him and Ackley to the movies, though they actually end up playing pinball instead.
Mrs. Antolini
Mr. Antolini’s wife. Mrs. Antolini cleans up the mess from a party while Mr. Antolini and Holden have a frank discussion in the Antolinis’ living room.