The Master and Margarita

The Master and Margarita


Mikhail Bulgakov

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Frieda is a guest at Satan’s Ball. Her soul is damned because she suffocated her baby boy with her handkerchief. The child, however, was probably the result of a rape by the owner of a café that Frieda worked at. She is eternally haunted by what happened. Margarita, when offered a wish by Woland in return for hosting the ball, selflessly decides to free Frieda from her pain.
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Frieda Character Timeline in The Master and Margarita

The timeline below shows where the character Frieda appears in The Master and Margarita. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 23. The Great Ball at Satan’s
The Ambiguity of Good and Evil Theme Icon
Margarita then meets a woman called Frieda, who is carrying a handkerchief. Koroviev explains that she carries this handkerchief because she used... (full context)
Chapter 24. The Extraction of the Master
Courage and Cowardice Theme Icon
The Ambiguity of Good and Evil Theme Icon
Woland asks Margarita to make a wish. She asks for Frieda, one of the ball guests, to be granted peace and to no longer have to... (full context)