The Once and Future King

The Once and Future King


T. H. White

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The Once and Future King: Book 3, Chapter 14 Summary & Analysis

One morning, Arthur announces that he has received a letter from Lancelot's father—he is being attacked and needs Arthur's help to quell the attack. Arthur asks Lancelot to stay behind at court. Lancelot and Guenever enjoy a year of uninterrupted bliss together. Lancelot begins to tell Guenever about the hole in his soul, the thing he has always felt was missing. Guenever merely laughs at him and says he is selfish for thinking things like that. Nevertheless, their relationship becomes stronger, they argue, bicker and Lancelot tells Guenever about Elaine—although not about him losing his virginity.
Merlyn told Arthur, years ago, that Guenever and Lancelot would betray him, yet he asks Lancelot to stay at court with Guenever for a full year. White never comments
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