The Worst Hard Time

The Worst Hard Time


Timothy Egan

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Hazel Lucas’s grandmother and the matriarch of the Lucas family. She had been a widow for twenty-one years and had nine children, forty grandchildren, and thirty great-grandchildren. She lived in the family home in Texhoma, Oklahoma until her death. She died shortly after her beloved great-granddaughter, Ruth Nell. The old woman and the infant were buried in a double funeral.
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Louzima Lucas Character Timeline in The Worst Hard Time

The timeline below shows where the character Louzima Lucas appears in The Worst Hard Time. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 15: Duster's Eve
Westward Expansion and the Settlement of the Southern Plains Theme Icon
Environmental Devastation and the Dust Bowl Theme Icon
...cough. A doctor advised Hazel to leave for the baby’s health. Meanwhile Ruth Nell’s great-grandmother, Louzima Lucas, was dying of dust pneumonia at the family’s homestead in Texhoma, Oklahoma. She hated... (full context)
Environmental Devastation and the Dust Bowl Theme Icon
...dirt. He found Hazel crying. Ruth Nell had died an hour earlier. Back in Texhoma, Louzima had been running a high fever for several days and still not eating. She asked... (full context)
Chapter 20: The Saddest Land
Environmental Devastation and the Dust Bowl Theme Icon
...and robust. Hazel was unsure of where to live. Cimarron County had killed both Grandma Louzima and Ruth Nell, and she would never see it the same way again. (full context)