Thinking, Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and Slow


Daniel Kahneman

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Thinking, Fast and Slow Characters

Daniel Kahneman

The author and narrator of Thinking, Fast and Slow. In the book, Kahneman synthesizes much of the research he has completed over the course of his career. To illustrate some of the ideas he… read analysis of Daniel Kahneman

Amos Tversky

A psychologist and Kahneman’s primary collaborator. Kahneman and Tversky’s partnership began in the early 1970s at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, when Kahneman asked Tversky to lecture in one of his classes. Their discussion… read analysis of Amos Tversky

Richard Thaler

A behavioral economist and collaborator of Kahneman and Tversky’s. Thaler coined the different classifications of Econs and Humans, which draw a distinction between the way economists view people and the way psychologists view… read analysis of Richard Thaler

Daniel Bernoulli

A Swiss mathematician remembered most for his pioneering work in probability and statistics. Bernoulli developed utility theory in 1738, which demonstrated that the utility of money and the state of one’s wealth is more important… read analysis of Daniel Bernoulli

Gary Klein

A psychologist and colleague of Kahneman’s who did not agree with his work on experts. Klein took the view that experienced professionals develop accurate intuitive skills—a view that was informed by his work with… read analysis of Gary Klein
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Cass Sunstein

A psychologist who collaborated with Richard Thaler and also took the opposite perspective on risk as Paul Slovic. Sunstein believes that the system of regulation in the United States caters too much to public… read analysis of Cass Sunstein

Paul Slovic

A psychologist who proposed the affect heuristic, in which people let their likes and dislikes determine their beliefs about the world. Slovic also explored topics of risk, asserting that expert opinions should not be… read analysis of Paul Slovic
Minor Characters
Paul Meehl
A psychologist whose work focused primarily on experts and predictive ability. He caused a scandal when reporting that his own statistical formulas outperformed experts a majority of the time.