Turtles All the Way Down


John Green

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Turtles All the Way Down Symbols

Bacteria (C. diff)

Aza shares with the reader that the human body is made up of about 50% bacteria; essentially, half of a person's cells aren't technically that person. Aza's OCD makes this knowledge unbearable for her and…

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Iron Man

Davis has had his Iron Man figure since he was a child, and he tells Aza that it's the only physical thing in the world that he truly loves. Iron Man represents how Davis sees…

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The Sky, Stars, and Astronomy

The ways the different characters see the sky highlights the differences between them, mostly their financial differences. Aza and her dad see the sky as fractured, as represented most often by Aza's dad's photographs of…

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Circles and Spirals

Circles and spiral patterns are how Aza tries to make sense of her mind and her world. She consistently picks up on the circular patterns around her as she talks about the circular freeway system…

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