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Chris Perkins is a retiring Virginia police chief who wants to do something good before he leaves the force, so he founds the Hope Initiative to help recovering addicts. The initiative attracts Janine Underwood and Jamie Waldrop, who both become active in it. Modeled after similar initiatives in Massachusetts, the Hope Initiative faces early stumbles and bureaucratic roadblocks, but it slowly grows to help provide support for local addicts and fill in gaps in the state’s patchwork treatment programs. He, Janine, and Jamie represent how motivated local volunteers can help do what traditional healthcare doesn’t.

Chris Perkins Quotes in Dopesick

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Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Chapter 11 Quotes

Harm reduction remained slow to catch on in most of the Bible Belt, including Roanoke. When I told Janine about an idea hatched at an opioid brainstorming session in Boston—to segregate users on a boat in international waters, where they could legally inject under medical supervision, ideally then transitioning to counseling and MAT—she was repulsed. “That’s crazy! We’ve created this problem, and now we decide we’re just going to continue to let it happen, and that’s the answer?”

And yet she was miles ahead of most leaders in her conservative community. She’d told her son’s story recently to the local school board and county officials, hoping to raise money for the county’s risk prevention council, which was currently running on fumes and a few small federal grants. She’d explained how she’d pulled strings to get her kids into the Hidden Valley school zone because she considered it a superior place to raise children. But the affluence she believed would protect her family had instead allowed the festering of shame and inaction. Almost daily the Hope Initiative took a call about a heroin user from Hidden Valley or nearby Cave Spring, and police data showed that the problem was worse by far in those two communities than in other, less affluent areas of the county.

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Chris Perkins Character Timeline in Dopesick

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Chapter 9
Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
In 2015, Chris Perkins, the 46-year-old police chief, knows that fentanyl is going to change the whole opioid epidemic,... (full context)
Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Cycles of History Theme Icon
Perkins helps create the Hope Initiative, which aims to establish a clinic for recovering opioid users... (full context)
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
...a majority to shut down the Democratic governor’s proposal to expand Medicaid. The stakeholders in Perkins’s new clinic despair about the obstacles they will face but remain convinced of the urgency... (full context)