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Don Wolthuis Character Analysis

Don Wolthuis is a prosecutor in Roanoke, Virginia, who specializes in “death cases” that involve prosecuting people who have sold drugs that led to fatal overdoses. He keeps an open case file about Jesse Bolstridge, because he believes Jesse’s overdose death was related to a local heroin ring (run by Ronnie “D.C.” Jones), but he doesn’t have enough evidence to prove it.
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Don Wolthuis Character Timeline in Dopesick

The timeline below shows where the character Don Wolthuis appears in Dopesick. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 8
Race, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice Theme Icon
...2013. Metcalf begins plotting to get Mack. He is eager to arrest more people, but Wolthuis, the prosecutor, reminds Metcalf that courts need evidence. (full context)
Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Cycles of History Theme Icon
Race, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice Theme Icon
Wolthuis keeps an old case file open on his desk. The case is for the September... (full context)
Race, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice Theme Icon
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
...finds Santiago (A.K.A. Mack) outside his apartment in Brooklyn walking a dog and arrests him. Wolthuis and Santiago’s lawyer work out a plea deal that the judge approves. While Jones received... (full context)