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Iatrogenic Term Analysis

Iatrogenic means caused by a doctor. If a doctor overprescribes opioids, it can lead to iatrogenic addiction.

Iatrogenic Quotes in Dopesick

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Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Chapter 1 Quotes

By the 1870s, injecting morphine was so popular among the upper classes in Europe and the United States that doctors used it for a variety of ailments, from menstrual pain to inflammation of the eyes. The almost total lack of regulatory oversight created a kind of Wild West for patent medicines, with morphine and opium pills available at the nearest drugstore counter, no prescription necessary. As long as a doctor initially OK’d the practice, even injected morphine was utterly accepted. Daily users were not socially stigmatized, because reliance on the drug was iatrogenic.

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Chapter 1
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...salespeople. To advertise it, Dr. J. David Haddox, head pain specialist at Purdue, claimed that iatrogenic (meaning doctor-caused) addiction was extremely rare. (full context)
Chapter 3
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...movement of OxyContin from rural areas into the cities and suburbs resembles the wave of iatrogenic morphine and opium addiction that swept through the nation about a century earlier. Eventually, opioid... (full context)