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Paul Goldenheim Character Analysis

Paul Goldenheim is Purdue Pharma’s medical director. When Purdue becomes the target of a federal investigation for its role in the opioid crisis, it takes a plea deal in 2007, and Goldenheim is charged with a federal crime (along with Michael Friedman and Howard Udell), though he gets a more lenient sentence than many activists against OxyContin feel he deserves. Notably, the Sackler family is absent from the courtroom when Goldenheim is charged.

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Chapter 4 Quotes

Conspicuously absent from the courthouse drama was the family that owned the company and its 214 affiliates worldwide- and benefited the most from the drug’s sale. Purdue had earned over $2.8 billion from the drug by 2007, including $595 million in earnings in 2006 alone. Unlike a public company that answers to shareholders, privately held Purdue answered only to the Sacklers.

In 2015, the family would earn its way onto Forbes’s “America’s Richest Families” list. With an estimated net worth of $14 billion, the OxyContin clan would edge out such storied families as the Busches, Mellons, and Rockefellers. Having gone from selling earwax remover and laxatives to the most lucrative drug in the world, the family had museum wings and college institutes named for it from Boston to Tel Aviv.

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Chapter 4
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
Paul Goldenheim (Purdue’s medical director), Michael Friedman (the CEO), and Udell seem stunned to see the families... (full context)
Cycles of History Theme Icon
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
...are tied by the plea agreement that Purdue made with prosecutors. The former Purdue people (Goldenheim, Friedman, and Udell) serve out their probation, with Udell dying of a stroke in 2013.... (full context)