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Steve Huff is a doctor based in Laurel Fork, Virginia, who begins to notice the insidious effects of pharmaceutical marketing on doctors around the turn of the millennium. While many of his peers accept swag and meals from pharmaceutical reps, Huff makes a deliberate point to avoid these sorts of interactions. When he takes over a new practice, he heavily cuts back on opioid painkiller prescriptions compared to his predecessors and is shocked by how violently patients oppose this change.

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Industrywide, pharmaceutical companies spent $4.04 billion in direct marketing to doctors in 2000, up 64 percent from 1996. To get in the doctor’s door, to get past the receptionist and head nurse, the reps came bearing gifts, from Valentine’s Day flowers to coupons for mani-pedis.

The average sales rep’s most basic tool was Dine ’n’ Dash, a play on the juvenile-delinquent prank of leaving a restaurant without paying the bill. For a chance to pitch their wonder drug, reps had long offered free dinners at fancy restaurants. But soon, to-go options abounded, too, for a busy doctor’s convenience. Reps began coming by before holidays to drop off a turkey or beef tenderloin that a doctor could take home to the family—even a Christmas tree. Driving home from the office, doctors were also invited to stop by the nearest gas station to get their tanks topped off—while listening to a drug rep’s pitch at the pump, a variation the reps nicknamed Gas’n’ Go. In the spring, the takeout menu featured flowers and shrubs, in a version some dubbed—you guessed it—Shrubbery ’n’ Dash.

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Chapter 2
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
Steve Huff first encounters pharmaceutical swag as a medical resident in the mid-1990s. It’s not just stickers... (full context)
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
When in 2003, Huff moves to a new practice in Laurel Fork, Virginia, he finds himself overwhelmed by the... (full context)