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Dennis is a friend of Jesse Bolstridge who convinces him to do heroin on the day that he has a fatal overdose. Jesse’s mother, Kristi Fernandez, believes at one point that Dennis may be withholding information about the day that Jesse died. Dennis, however, tries to honor Jesse’s memory by naming his son after him. Eventually, Dennis moves to a new city in an attempt to find a “geographic cure” for his addiction.
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Dennis Character Timeline in Dopesick

The timeline below shows where the character Dennis appears in Dopesick. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 8
Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
...2013, Jesse is scheduled to fly to Jacksonville for another attempt at treatment. His friend Dennis, however, is vomiting from dopesickness and buys heroin to ease it. Jesse is reluctant at... (full context)
Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Cycles of History Theme Icon
The next morning, Dennis and some other friends reportedly leave Jesse alone for two hours, then come back to... (full context)
Race, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice Theme Icon
The Value of Science Theme Icon
The end of the Jones/Shaw heroin ring doesn’t change things for users like Dennis. Despite several attempts to get clean, he finds that even after the bust of Jones,... (full context)