Beth Macy

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DEA is a commonly used acronym for the Drug Enforcement Administration. It is the government branch that deals with drug trafficking and distribution. Many people, including Dopesick author Beth Macy, criticize the way the DEA operates, particularly the way that its investigations can lead to long jail time for small-time users.
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DEA Term Timeline in Dopesick

The timeline below shows where the term DEA appears in Dopesick. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Fighting the Medical Establishment Theme Icon
The next month, the DEA begins a “national action plan” to observe Purdue’s distribution and marketing. In response to the... (full context)
Chapter 9
Poverty as an Obstacle to Recovery  Theme Icon
Race, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice Theme Icon
...driving back and forth from New Jersey to run drugs. She agrees. By 2014, however, DEA agents have recovered 15,000 text messages from her phone that paint a clear picture of... (full context)