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Saxon Northumbria Term Analysis

England’s northernmost territory.

Saxon Northumbria Quotes in Lady Macbeth

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Chapter 31 Quotes

Here is what the annals will say of Macbeth’s kingship: very little.

Seventeen years of plenty and peace for Scotland, give or take some strife. We suffered few battles and fewer enemies compared to other reigns. Scotland was brimful: fat cattle on the hillsides, fish in the streams, sheep thick with wool, the bellies of trading ships heavy with goods. Grain crops were golden and larders and byres filled; treasures accumulated, and all prospered, from shepherd to mormaer. Contentment is a thing not often recorded in the annals.
For much of Macbeth’s reign, the strength of his reputation and presence and the loyal nature of his alliances protected Scotland as never before. We had respite from decades of wars and conflict. Given more time, he would have attained what he sought of Scotland: more fair-minded laws, and the blending of honored Celtic traditions with the ways of the Church and even the Saxons.

Related Characters: Gruadh / Rue / Lady Macbeth (speaker), Macbeth, Malcolm mac Duncan
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Saxon Northumbria Term Timeline in Lady Macbeth

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Chapter 9 
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...and Bodhe ride to witness a meeting of kings on the border between Lothian and Saxon Northumbria . King Malcolm of Scotland has planned to meet the Saxon King Cnut and wants... (full context)