The Nibelungenlied



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Hildebrand Character Analysis

Hildebrand is Dietrich’s faithful master-at-arms. When Dietrich learns of Rüdiger’s death, he sends Hildebrand and his vassals to investigate, but they are provoked to fight, and Hildebrand slays Volker. Hagen wounds him in revenge. When Kriemhild kills Hagen, Hildebrand immediately slays Kriemhild. He, Dietrich, and Etzel are some of the only surviving characters at the story’s end.
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Hildebrand Character Timeline in The Nibelungenlied

The timeline below shows where the character Hildebrand appears in The Nibelungenlied. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 38
Honor vs. Vengeance Theme Icon
...deeming it “terrible vengeance and a diabolical mockery of all that is right.” He sends Hildebrand, his master-at-arms, to approach the foreigners civilly to learn what has happened. His nephew, Wolfhart,... (full context)
Civilization vs. Barbarism Theme Icon
Honor vs. Vengeance Theme Icon
When Hildebrand and his men confirm the truth about Rüdiger’s death, they weep. Hildebrand wishes to bear... (full context)
Honor vs. Vengeance Theme Icon
Meanwhile, the mortally wounded Hildebrand staggers back to Dietrich, who is grieved to have the news of Rüdiger’s death confirmed,... (full context)
Chapter 39
Honor vs. Vengeance Theme Icon
Hildebrand helps Dietrich put on his armor, and they approach the two Burgundians. Dietrich asks Gunther... (full context)
Idealized and Deviant Womanhood Theme Icon
Civilization vs. Barbarism Theme Icon
Honor vs. Vengeance Theme Icon grieved to witness the slaying of such a great warrior by a woman’s hand. Hildebrand immediately leaps up to avenge Hagen, leaping forward and hewing Kriemhild in pieces. (full context)