R. J. Palacio

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Wonder: August: Daybreak Summary & Analysis

August wakes up very early the next day and is immediately wide awake. He rolls over and sees Daisy's ghost sitting by his bed. He reasons that it was just a dream, but it makes him feel nice anyway. August puts on his hearing aids and listens to the house wake up. He gets up, pulls Baboo out of his duffel bag, and tucks him into his bed with a note for Mom. It says that Mom can snuggle Baboo if she misses August.
Seeing Daisy's "ghost" makes August feel as though there are people looking out for him, just as Grans and Justin observed. When August chooses to leave Baboo, it shows that he recognizes that adults need love and care just like kids do. He also understands that he's capable of providing that love and care.
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