R. J. Palacio

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Wonder: Jack: Ex-Friends Summary & Analysis

Jack has no idea what Summer's "Bleeding Scream" comment means. He explains that one day, he and August were friends and the next, August wouldn't talk to him. Jack doesn't believe he did anything to make August mad. He says he has plenty of other friends and tries to ignore August, but people keep asking Jack what's going on. Jack isn't sure if people are still playing the Plague and thinks that it's August's loss if he doesn't want to be friends, since August doesn't really have any other friends but Summer. Jack thinks it's good because now he's part of the in-crowd, but bad because he doesn't even like the popular kids. He thinks it's all August's fault.
Jack's tone throughout this chapter shows that Jack is truly hurt by August's treatment of him, though he's trying hard to deal with his emotions and make the best of it. He also conceptualizes popularity as a consolation prize here, which suggests that as popular as Jack seems to August, Jack doesn't actually enjoy or prioritize being popular.
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