R. J. Palacio

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Wonder: Summer: The Egyptian Tomb Summary & Analysis

For the next month, August and Summer hang out often after school. On the day of the Egyptian Museum exhibit, the students at Beecher Prep turn the gym into a giant museum and arrange their "artifacts" on tables. Summer makes a sculpture of Anubis, and August makes a pyramid out of sugar cubes. Everyone dresses up in Egyptian costumes and then get to take their parents on a flashlight tour of the darkened gym. August and Summer take their moms around together and have a fantastic time. At one point, Summer runs into Jack. Jack asks why August is mad at him, and all Summer says is "Bleeding Scream."
The fact that Jack clearly doesn't know why August is mad at him shows that for him, what he said to Julian was nothing more than a blip in his day. This begins to illustrate how part of growing up is recognizing that other people experience things differently; if Jack is able to recognize that his own inconsequential moment was monumental for August, it'll be a step towards maturity and recognizing the rich inner lives of others.
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