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Wonder: Justin: Bird Summary & Analysis

The next day, Justin asks Via why she never mentioned that she and Miranda used to be friends. He's annoyed she never shared; she seems defensive. As they argue over whether it's a big deal, Via begins crying. Justin thinks she's crying about him and asks her what's wrong. As the sobs take over, Via manages to choke out that she hasn't told her parents about Our Town. She'd rather they don't come so that August doesn't come. Via says she's an awful person, but she loves being at a school where nobody knows about August and nobody whispers about her behind her back. Justin soothes Via and holds her close.
For Via, Our Town provides a moral dilemma that will test her willingness to act kindly. This continues to situate Our Town as a coming of age moment for all the characters, as it's clearly going to test Via's maturity and compassion. Via's sadness also alludes to the neglect she feels from her parents, as it suggests that if they were more open with her, they'd possibly understand better what she's going through and be able to help her through it.
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