R. J. Palacio

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Wonder: August: The Emperor's Guard Summary & Analysis

August, Jack, Amos, Miles, and Henry look for the hearing aids for ten minutes, but they have no luck. They head back towards the screen and discuss that Eddie and his group are probably back at the concession stands, waiting to be reported. August insists he doesn't want to report them, but Amos says that if August needs to go somewhere, he'll go with him. August feels kind of lost without his hearing aids, but he's happy to notice that his new friends are surrounding him like they're an emperor's guard.
August's unwillingness to report Eddie's group shows that wants to be independent and deal with this on his own, which suggests that he doesn't trust his teachers to not make a huge, embarrassing deal out of all of this. This shows that August has a long way to go, as part of growing up is learning to ask for help when he needs it.
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