R. J. Palacio

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Wonder: August: The Woods Are Alive Summary & Analysis

During the "boring part," Jack needs to go to the bathroom and takes August with him. They see a massive line for the bathrooms, so Jack decides to relieve himself in the woods. He ignores August's protest and wades into the dark trees, August in tow. They forgot their flashlights but soon notice Amos, Henry, and Miles in the woods as well. August reasons that they didn't want to wait in line for the bathrooms either. Amos even nods to August as he passes. As August stands and waits for Jack, he hears strange popping noises and smells something like firecrackers. He decides he needs to go to the bathroom too and when he's done, the boys head back towards the field.
Amos's nod suggests that the social structure is absolutely starting to change; such an acknowledgement never would've been allowed if Julian were around. This suggests that Julian's absence is actually allowing the former bullies the freedom and the room to be nicer, as they no longer fear retaliation from Julian for going against his wishes.
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