Half Broke Horses


Jeannette Walls

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Grady Grammage Character Analysis

The President of the Arizona teachers’ college that Lily briefly attends. He admires Lily for working her way through college and tells her about the re-opening of a teacher job in Red Lake, which Lily leaves school to take on. He also later helps her find her job at a Mormon school in the small town of Main Street.
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Grady Grammage Character Timeline in Half Broke Horses

The timeline below shows where the character Grady Grammage appears in Half Broke Horses. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 4
Women’s Strength in a Man’s World Theme Icon
Poverty and the American Dream Theme Icon
Technology and Progress Theme Icon
Fate vs. Self-Reliance  Theme Icon
...than her younger classmates, but worries about paying the next year’s tuition. The college president, Grady Gammage , tells Lily that Red Lake is again looking for a teacher and is willing... (full context)
Chapter 6
Women’s Strength in a Man’s World Theme Icon
Fate vs. Self-Reliance  Theme Icon
Still needing more income, Lily writes to Grady Gammage , who helped her get her job in Red Lake, about teaching opportunities. He tells... (full context)