Half Broke Horses


Jeannette Walls

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The wife of a rich commodities trader who gives Lily her first maid job in Chicago. Mim lives in a modern home with a radiator and running water. She behaves rudely towards Lily, often acting as though she is not there. Lily thinks she is very unintelligent. Mim fires Lily after only a week for allegedly not knowing her place. After this experience, Lily become certain she does not want to spend her life “polishing silver for rich dunderheads.”
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Mim Character Timeline in Half Broke Horses

The timeline below shows where the character Mim appears in Half Broke Horses. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 3 
Women’s Strength in a Man’s World Theme Icon
Poverty and the American Dream Theme Icon
Fate vs. Self-Reliance  Theme Icon
...to becoming a maid, and quickly finds work with a commodities trader and his wife, Mim. Their house is modern, with a radiator and running water. Mim is rude and dim,... (full context)