William Gibson

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The Chatsubo / “The Chat”

Also simply referred to as “the Chat.” A bar in Chiba run by Ratz. read analysis of The Chatsubo / “The Chat”

The Sprawl

The highly developed Eastern coast of the United States of America. Also known as the Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis or BAMA. read analysis of The Sprawl


The Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis. Also known as “The Sprawl.” read analysis of BAMA


A Japanese city outside of Tokyo. Known for its many surgical clinics, both black market and legitimate. read analysis of Chiba

Console Cowboy

A person especially skilled at navigating cyberspace, specifically someone employed as a digital thief, who steals money or data. Also known as a jockey. read analysis of Console Cowboy
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A person especially skilled at navigating cyberspace, specifically someone employed as a digital thief. Also known as a console cowboy. read analysis of Jockey


A term coined by Gibson in 1982. A graphic representation of data and computer networks, accessed by jacking into a computer with the use of dermatrodes. Also known as the matrix. read analysis of Cyberspace


A graphic representation of data and computer networks. A “consensual hallucination” also known as cyberspace. read analysis of Matrix


A rentable hotel room just nine feet long and four-and-a-half feet tall. Case spends his nights in Chiba sleeping in a rented coffin, and uses another for storage. read analysis of Coffin


A poison derived from mushrooms. In Neuromancer the most frequently mentioned mycotoxin is a nerve agent, used to destroy parts of a victim’s nervous system. read analysis of Mycotoxin


A weapon like a spring-loaded billy club—a long cudgel. read analysis of Cobra

Ninsei / Night City

An outlaw district next to Chiba, Japan, where drug use, criminal activity, and prostitution are, if not legal, then permitted. read analysis of Ninsei / Night City


Drugs, specifically stimulants. read analysis of Dex


Random Access Memory. A type of computer storage, and a dynamic form of memory that allows a program to evolve and develop. Contrast with ROM. read analysis of RAM


Read Only Memory. A type of computer storage that is more or less unchangeable. The construct of Dixie, for example, is ROM—his personality is already fixed and cannot be developed. Contrast with RAM. read analysis of ROM


A brand of computer. Often used to refer to a specific computer. read analysis of Hitachi


Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. This refers to cybersecurity and firewalls. read analysis of ICE


A virus—a person or program capable of breaking thorough digital security, or ice. read analysis of Icebreaker


A futuristic gun capable of being fitted with darts, bullets, and other projectiles. read analysis of Fletcher


A ROM recording of a personality which allows for a reconstruction of that person. read analysis of Construct


A huge corporation whose holdings include the construct of Dixie Flatline. read analysis of Sense/Net


A computer. read analysis of Deck


To flatline is to show no brain activity. Characters often flatline when they are in cyberspace going up against particularly difficult ice. read analysis of Flatline


Simulated Stimulation. A digital representation of the thoughts and feelings of another person. One individual is fitted with a simstim rig that broadcasts their senses to another person, who then rides along in their brain… read analysis of SimStim


An individual’s complete sensory system. read analysis of Sensorium

Dermatrodes (trodes)

Electrode pads that connect individuals to their decks so that they can jack in to cyberspace. read analysis of Dermatrodes (trodes)


A briefing. Specifically. a report generated by a deck based on research it has done independently. read analysis of Precís


A brand of computer. Often used to refer to a specific deck. read analysis of Hosaka

Panther Moderns

Also simply referred to as “Moderns.” Case describes them as “mercenaries, practical jokers” and “nihilistic technofetishists.” A global group of teenage hackers and pranksters, who can be purchased by outside groups. They are remarkable for… read analysis of Panther Moderns

Blue Nine

Also known as Grievous Angel. An “outlawed psychoactive agent” “shown to produce acute paranoia and homicidal psychosis.” read analysis of Blue Nine


A trafficker; someone who deals in stolen goods. read analysis of Fence


An enormous space colony in orbit above earth. Home to, among other institutions, the Villa Straylight and the Tessier-Ashpool family. read analysis of Freeside


A cluster of space stations founded by a group of Rastafarian workers who defected from their construction jobs. Zion’s inhabitants are called Zionites. read analysis of Zion


Space Adaptation Syndrome. A kind of motion sickness experienced by those traveling into zero gravity conditions. read analysis of SAS


A type of music popular with the inhabitants of Zion. “Digitized pop,” also described as a form of worship and community. read analysis of Dub

Villa Straylight

A building at the end of Freeside that houses the Tessier-Ashpool family. read analysis of Villa Straylight


How Zionites refer to Western Society, specifically Freeside and the Villa Straylight. read analysis of Babylon


A Console Cowboy’s assistant. read analysis of Joeboy


Electroencephalogram, or the measurement of a person’s brain activity and brainwaves. When a person’s EEG is flat, meaning their brain activity has ceased, they are flatlining. read analysis of EEG

Cut-Out Chip

A chip implanted in the brain that allows a person, or their employer, to selectively turn off their consciousness. Specifically used in brothels, where prostitutes can rent out their bodies without consciously participating in sexual… read analysis of Cut-Out Chip

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

A powerful Chinese computer virus. Often referred to simply as “Kuang.” read analysis of Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

Jack In / Jack Out

To connect to or disconnect from the matrix. read analysis of Jack In / Jack Out


A small robot, or drone. read analysis of Braun


A patch that delivers a dose of a drug. read analysis of Derm


A stimulant so powerful that Case can feel its effects even with his modified liver and pancreas. read analysis of Betaphenethylamine

Tessier-Ashpool S.A.

The law firm run by the Tessier-Ashpool family, also referred to as T-A. read analysis of Tessier-Ashpool S.A.

Steppin’ Razor

A dangerous person, specifically one from Rastafarian mythology. Aerol and Maelcum often refer to Molly as Steppin’ Razor, a sign of respect. read analysis of Steppin’ Razor


A derogatory term for a hired contract killer, especially one with body modifications like Molly has. read analysis of Razorgirl


A brand of computer. Often used to refer to a specific computer itself. read analysis of Ono-Sendai

Turing Police

An international law enforcement agency dedicated to monitoring artificial intelligences, making sure they don’t grow too powerful or self-aware. Their name is a reference to the “Turing Test,” developed by Alan Turing in 1950, which… read analysis of Turing Police

Screaming Fist

A massive military operation and subsequent cover up, in which the American military sent forces to attack Russia, knowing full well that Russia had countermeasures in place that would lead the deaths of many American… read analysis of Screaming Fist


Metal slivers (not unlike USBs) which contain code that people can insert into ports in their head, modifying their vision and their cognitive abilities. read analysis of Microsofts