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Deck Quotes in Neuromancer

The Neuromancer quotes below are all either spoken by Deck or refer to Deck. For each quote, you can also see the other terms and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:
Technology and the Body Theme Icon
Chapter 4 Quotes

This was it. This was what he was, who he was, his being. He forgot to eat. Molly left cartons of rice and foam trays of sushi on the corner of the long table. Sometimes he resented having to leave the deck to use the chemical toilet they’d set up in a corner of the loft. Ice patterns formed and reformed on the screen as he probed for gaps, skirted the most obvious traps, and mapped the route he’d take through Sense/Net’s ice. It was good ice. Wonderful ice. Its patterns burned there while he lay with his arm under Molly’s shoulders, watching the red dawn through the steel grid of the skylight. Its rainbow pixel maze was the first thing he saw when he woke. He’d go straight to the deck, not bothering to dress, and jack in. He was cutting it. He was working. He lost track of days.

And sometimes, falling asleep, particularly when Molly was off on one of her reconnaissance trips with her rented cadre of Moderns, images of Chiba came flooding back. Faces and Ninsei neon. Once he woke from a confused dream of Linda Lee, unable to recall who she was or what she’d ever meant to him. When he did remember, he jacked in and worked for nine straight hours.

The cutting of Sense/Net’s ice took a total of nine days.

Related Characters: Henry Dorsett Case, Linda Lee, Molly
Page Number: 59
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Deck Term Timeline in Neuromancer

The timeline below shows where the term Deck appears in Neuromancer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 2
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
Addiction and Dependency Theme Icon
...that he’s awake, she passes him water. He sits up groggily, explaining, “I gotta punch deck.” She laughs and explains he can’t hook himself up to the matrix for eight days... (full context)
Chapter 3
Addiction and Dependency Theme Icon the Sprawl. It’s time for him to jack in. As he stares at the deck in his lap he sees the shuriken in the shop window back in Chiba, and... (full context)
Chapter 18
Identity and Personhood Theme Icon
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
Addiction and Dependency Theme Icon
...who tells him the virus has made good progress. Case explains the plan: move the deck from the ship to Straylight’s custodial system, and let the virus take hold that way.... (full context)
Chapter 19
Reality and Perception Theme Icon
...appears and tells them to lock the doorman in a closet. Meanwhile, Case plugs his deck into the wall, and jacks into the matrix. Dixie greets him, and jokes that it’s... (full context)