William Gibson

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A weapon like a spring-loaded billy club—a long cudgel.
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Cobra Term Timeline in Neuromancer

The timeline below shows where the term Cobra appears in Neuromancer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
...for the suppliers to get one, he goes to the shuriken shop and buys a cobra—a spring loaded billy club. (full context)
Identity and Personhood Theme Icon
Addiction and Dependency Theme Icon
...the window to a back alley. He stands in the room, listening to footsteps outside, cobra in hand, but as his “octagon-induced bravado” collapses, he turns and and slides through the... (full context)
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
Case decides to throw out the cobra and rent a gun, which is now available. Case then visits a coffin he’s rented... (full context)