William Gibson

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RAM Term Analysis

Random Access Memory. A type of computer storage, and a dynamic form of memory that allows a program to evolve and develop. Contrast with ROM.
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RAM Term Timeline in Neuromancer

The timeline below shows where the term RAM appears in Neuromancer. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 1
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
...and a flask, kept in a cooler on ice. He calls potential buyers for the RAM in the Hitatchi, but one doesn’t answer and the other doesn’t have the money. Frustrated,... (full context)
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
Addiction and Dependency Theme Icon
Returning to his coffin in Cheap Hotel, Case realizes Linda Lee stole the RAM in his Hitachi, important files that she will probably sell. He’s betrayed but understands her... (full context)
Chapter 2
Self-Interest vs. Human Connection Theme Icon
...killed your girl for you.” Molly explains that when Linda Lee tried to sell the RAM she stole from Case, Julie decided it was easier to kill her than buy the... (full context)
Chapter 20
Technology and the Body Theme Icon
Identity and Personhood Theme Icon
...She tells him about visiting his coffin and meeting Molly. She apologizes for stealing his RAM. She explains her last memory was in Chiba, and then suddenly she was on this... (full context)