Transcendent Kingdom


Yaa Gyasi

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Aunt Joyce Character Analysis

Aunt Joyce is Gifty’s mother’s sister; she lives in Ghana. Gifty stays with Aunt Joyce when her mother is recuperating from her first depression after Nana’s death. Gifty is surprised to find out about her aunt, since her mother rarely talks about her family or her life in Ghana. Joyce is a large, no-nonsense, and loving woman who reflects the person Gifty’s mother could have been had she experienced less pain and trauma in her life.
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Aunt Joyce Character Timeline in Transcendent Kingdom

The timeline below shows where the character Aunt Joyce appears in Transcendent Kingdom. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 41
Addiction, Depression, and Control Theme Icon
Trauma, Caretaking, and Intimacy  Theme Icon
In Ghana, Gifty met her Aunt Joyce . Before she arrived, she didn’t even know she had an aunt. Joyce was buxom... (full context)
Chapter 42
Trauma, Caretaking, and Intimacy  Theme Icon
One day, Gifty asked Aunt Joyce to take her to the Chin Chin Man. Gifty refused to embrace him and demanded... (full context)
Chapter 44
Science and Religion Theme Icon
Trauma, Caretaking, and Intimacy  Theme Icon
At the airport in Ghana, Aunt Joyce wrapped Gifty into an enormous hug. Gifty realized that her aunt reflected what her mother... (full context)