Jane Austen

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Emma: Chapter 29 Summary & Analysis

Frank persists with his scheme for a ball, and Emma assists. They plan for ten couples, measure out the dimensions of various rooms, and decide on the Crown Inn. Mr. Woodhouse frets over the dangers of catching colds at inns, but Emma assuages his fears.
Dances are one of the favorite pastimes of young people in Austen’s society. Frank’s delight for entertainment is evident; his lively disposition actively seeks enjoyment.
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After some more debate about the technical details of the ball, Frank proposes that they get second opinions from their neighbors. He runs off to fetch Miss Bates and Jane. Miss Bates gives her warm approval, and all anticipate the dance with pleasure. Frank requests the first two dances with Emma, which Mr. Weston notes with quiet delight to Mrs. Weston.
Frank displays an energetic and determined interest in the ball. He willfully perseveres through all technical difficulties and debate to ensure that everything will be taken care of and that nothing will spoil the evening of entertainment that he desires.
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