Every Man in His Humour


Ben Jonson

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Every Man in His Humour: Act 3, Scene 2 Summary & Analysis

Brainworm joins the group, still in disguise. Stephen confronts him angrily about the sword, with Edward and Wellbred finding this hilarious. Wellbred compares Stephen to “a drum; for everyone may play upon him.”
Wellbred continues the musical metaphor from the scene before, suggesting people are there to be played for purposes of entertainment.
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Brainworm unveils his disguise to Edward, informing him about Old Knowell’s attempts to follow him. He then tells Edward and Wellbred that Old Knowell is currently at the house of Justice Clement, the local judicial authority.
Brainworm lets the others in on his secret, revealing his intentions to them. This also introduces Justice Clement into the play who, as his name suggests, will fulfil the role of judging the other characters.
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