Every Man in His Humour


Ben Jonson

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Every Man in His Humour: Act 5, Scene 2 Summary & Analysis

A servant announces Matthew and Bobadil’s arrival. Justice Clement briefly thinks that Bobadil, described merely as a “soldier” by the servant, has come to fight him. Bobadil explains that his gripe is with Downright; he complains that Downright “despoiled me of mine honour” and disarmed him of his sword. Clement is less than impressed with Bobadil’s cowardice.
Justice Clement, comically, is put on guard by the suggestion that a soldier has come looking for him. The audience, of course, knows Bobadil’s false and timid character. Clement upholds the exact values that Bobadil had so eagerly tried to claim for himself: masculinity and bravado.
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The servant announces the arrival of a “varlet” of the city, with two men under arrest according to Justice Clement’s warrant. Clement is confused, having not issued any such warrant.
Brainworm’s arrival here, with Downright and Stephen, was not necessarily part of the plan, and sets up Brainworm’s reveal.
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