Sarah’s Key

Sarah’s Key


Tatiana De Rosnay

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Sarah’s Key: Chapter 45 Summary & Analysis

Julia stays the night in the abortion clinic in preparation for her procedure, as per her doctor’s instructions. In the morning, she turns on the TV and sees coverage of the Vel’ d’Hiv’ commemoration. She also discovers a late-night voicemail from Nathalie, asking if Julia would like to accompany her on a visit to see her grandfather, Gaspard Dufaure, the following day. When the nurse arrives in Julia’s room, Julia declares that she will be keeping the baby. She leaves the clinic.
For the first time, it seems, Julia makes her own decision instead of being swayed by Bertrand. This is a key step in Julia’s growth into a more confident, self-assured character. This chapter also reemphasizes the impact that Sarah’s story has had on Julia’s life—as hearing from Nathalie snaps Julia out of the daze she has been in, and allows her to see clearly that she wants to carry her pregnancy to term rather than terminate it.
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